Artisans Guild

Welcome to the Guild

2016 Guild Brochure

Membership is open to artists of many disciplines.

Fiber Artists Farmers Culinary Artists Charcuterists Salumists Cheesemongers Bakers Writers Woodworkers Soapmakers Herbalists Photographers Painters

Annual Fee $35

Open Studio Thursday - Sunday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Bring a current project Create in community $5 for the day

Studio Use Guidelines

Kitchen Use Guidelines

Member Benefits
Apply to consign your artwork through the Nezinscot Farm Store Use of our certifed kitchen, creamery, and boucherie Thursday and Friday by appointment hourly rates apply Discounted rates for workshops Become featured artist of the month

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Our Team Members
Gloria Varney, Claudia Brahms, Noel Mount, Emma Cotes. Interested in a career at the Nezinscot Farm Fiber Studio? We are now taking applications for Winter/Spring and Summer Assistant Fiber Studio Managers and Artist in Residence.

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Our Mission
To support the understanding that all process is art. Whether taking yarn to the loom, or preparing rabbit for sausage making, the product of our hands is what nourishes our lives. Deeply routed purpose is the result of creative process. All while working together in an encouraging environment and recognizing the parallel between a purposeful life and hands-on experience.
Our Vision
Fostering the social interaction that leads to discovery Nezinscot Farm Artisans Guild has been formed to provide an opportunity for Maine artisans to gather and devote concentrated time to the pursuit of their artistic goals.