Last week I was planting in my greenhouse. Greens that will sprout into spring treats. Today not so much. My germination mix from Living Acres in New Sharon did show up in anticipation of starting seeds in a month or two. Seeds arrived in the mail from Johhnys with more coming from Fedco and a few heirloom companies.
I am blessed to have Tuesdays almost all off as I have a wonderful young man by the name of Jim Martin who spends a day a week working on the farm in exchange for store food credit for he and his family. He, at the same time, is given an opportunity to learn some skills that will help him develop some similar projects at his home. So while he is bottling milk, stocking grains in the barn, doing afternoon chores and whatever else is on my list for the day, I get to do things like–finish weaving a yak/camel rug, catch up on marketing trends and plan my week of activities in the store.

My auyervedic herbal studies reflects on the importance of emphasizing that we must look at the whole human when treating and not just at the symptoms that are brought to the table. This is very important and something that is missed all too often. Knowing that many times there is usually an underlying situation that can bring on some sicknesses. By addressing them in a therapeutic fashion, we can often alleviate the symptoms.

Lastly, I spent some time working on some final paper work that will move the Artisans Guild into a 501c3 non-profit status. With this option, we are hoping to find a few private groups/foundations that would be interested in helping to sponsor interns, apprentices and artists in residence at the farm.
The Guild is currently looking for a few more students that would be interested in being part of a pilot project as interns and guild members with our current artist in residence as well as myself and a few other instructors. This program is sponsored by Nezinscot Farmand covers all of the students supplies. All they have to do is show up at least two Saturdays a month to participate.

Until next week–enjoy the week