How We Got Started

In 1987, Gregg and Gloria purchased Nezinscot farm from Gregg’s parents Waren and Marguerite Varney. Gregg and Gloria have five children, all of whom participate in maintaining and running the family farm and business. They pick eggs, milk cows and goats, feed the farm animals, and help with the harvest.

Nezinscot Farm began as the first Organic Dairy in the state of Maine. Through the desire to diversify, the passion for good food, and sustainability they expanded Nezinscot Farm to encompass a Gourmet Food Shop, Cafe & Bakery, Fromagerie, Charcuterie, and Fiber Studio.

Nezinscot’s focus is to provide all who visit the opportunity to learn about sustainable living and the incorporation of homesteading into everyday life.  But, more importantly, we seek to educate about embracing and cultivating a lifestyle with purpose.

Our Mission

Our greatest goal is to cultivate an atmosphere of peacefulness, mindfulness, and learning. In that vein, all who visit the farm should do so with a calm attitude and openness to encountering different types of ideas, experiences, and people. This may entail visitors making a conscious effort to, at least temporarily, put aside anything that may be causing them mental stress or grief.


Nezinscot is much more than a place where food is grown and made; it is a home. It is a place where children are raised, where the community can gather, and where both body and mind can find nourishment. Respect for and understanding of this fact is crucial.

Every constituent of the farm—the land as well as the people, plants, and animals that live on the land—exists symbiotically and should grow together. It is this codependency that allows the farm to sustain itself and flourish. We hope that it serves as a model for interactions in life outside the farm in addition to within it.

Our Vision

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