My Day Off:The Art of Bartering

As I come into another season of our Community Supported Agriculture program (otherwise known as CSA) I couldn’t help but think about how this simple concept has allowed me to grow not only my business but also my confidence in approaching others to share in what I call a win win situation or bartering. I […]

Fiber Studio Announcements

Nezinscot Farm Fiber Studio Updates Welcome Our Fiber Studio 2017 Artist in Residence and Fiber Intern Sarah is our current fiber studio artist-in-residence and shepherds apprentice. Her main focus has become sustainable fashion and housewares and organic textiles. Sarah is studying the art of weaving, spinning, and knitting, natural dyeing and herbal studies. Part of […]

My Month Off: A List, A Notebook and Time To Reflect

My day off was extended this winter for an entire month. Taking the opportunity to sort through lots of things on the farm and store as well as an opportunity to reflect and plan for this upcoming season. This will be a year of organization and bringing everything together. The list is pretty long, but […]

My Day Off: Thanksgiving Recipes

With it being Thanksgiving, I thought it only appropriate to share stories of food, family and cooking in this months blog. My cooking style is one I adopted from growing up in a kitchen where three full meals were prepared daily by my mother. Meals sufficient for twelve mouths with occasional leftovers. As soon as […]

Fall Produce: Your Options For Eating Seasonally

As we move into the fall months, our produce availability shifts, saying goodbye to the sweet berries of summer and hello to the crisp citrus and apples of Fall. Each season offers an array of beautiful fresh produce and it is a great time to start experimenting with new recipes to incorporate more seasonal fruits and vegetables. […]

The Art of Farming: Art on a Larger Palette

Join us for an elegant and unique viewing of our open studio. This fall we are celebrating all things local and we’re kicking off the harvest season with a showcase of what we’ve been creating this year — from food to fiber. Spend an evening walking through our curated gallery and workspace while enjoying refreshments […]

My Day Off: August 17th and Sustainable Food Systems

I had at least six people ask me this week if I was taking time off for myself. I spent a few hours this week with a professor of sustainable food systems and a senior business student from the University of Maine at Orono who had a grant from the Mitchell Institute to look at […]

How to: Lavender Electuaries

Pick/purchase a fresh herb of choice, one that speaks to your needs and has the medicinal properties you desire. Today we are making Lavender electuary to help soothe, comfort and calm us during the long winter. Secondly, choose a good base. Raw honey is the best as it already has healing properties and will only […]

My Day Off: August 10th

My Days off have been few and far between as of late and therefore less time to sit and write. Here I am, though on a well needed overcast day with perhaps rain showers on their way. I felt the need to light the large bundle of mugwort this morning to help the rain along; […]

My Day Off: July 13th

July is a tough month. Many people are on vacation or want to be, the weather is at times unbearable for not only humans, but animals as well. Our patience runs short and everyone just wants to go swimming. Growing up on my family farm, swimming did take place, but only after gardens were weeded, […]