The life of Wool: Process in fiber

Spring is a time for new beginnings. With spring comes the melting of the snow, the start of the garden, and the passing of yet another winter. For us here at the farm, spring has brought two wonderful things: The beginning of new projects, and the birth of new lambs and kids. I can’t help […]

My Day Off: The Draw of Nezinscot Farm

I just finished a very busy weekend at the farm with lots of visitors out for maple Sunday. Throughout the weekend I was reminded by several customers about why they come here regularly. Not only for the good food or groceries to go home with, but rather some down time to hang out and absorb […]

Fiber Studio Update: The Life of Wool

Fiber Farming and Wool Processing The Textile Expansion at Nezinscot Farm Over the past seven months I’ve had the pleasure of learning about the art and craft of fiber farming. What started out as a desire to master the art of weaving and spinning has transformed into an obsession with the cultivation, manipulation, and usage […]

Farm Fresh This Week: Mozzarella

Cheese Making 101: Making or stretching Mozzarella and Nezinscot Fromagerie 1. Heat cheese curds until you can stretch easily.  2. Stretch Mozzarella until the curd becomes shiny and flexible  3. Shape accordingly and store for use in cafe and for sale. 1 2 3 4

My Day Off:The Art of Bartering

As I come into another season of our Community Supported Agriculture program (otherwise known as CSA) I couldn’t help but think about how this simple concept has allowed me to grow not only my business but also my confidence in approaching others to share in what I call a win win situation or bartering. I […]

Fiber Studio Announcements

Nezinscot Farm Fiber Studio Updates Welcome Our Fiber Studio 2017 Artist in Residence and Fiber Intern Sarah is our current fiber studio artist-in-residence and shepherds apprentice. Her main focus has become sustainable fashion and housewares and organic textiles. Sarah is studying the art of weaving, spinning, and knitting, natural dyeing and herbal studies. Part of […]

My Month Off: A List, A Notebook and Time To Reflect

My day off was extended this winter for an entire month. Taking the opportunity to sort through lots of things on the farm and store as well as an opportunity to reflect and plan for this upcoming season. This will be a year of organization and bringing everything together. The list is pretty long, but […]

My Day Off: Thanksgiving Recipes

With it being Thanksgiving, I thought it only appropriate to share stories of food, family and cooking in this months blog. My cooking style is one I adopted from growing up in a kitchen where three full meals were prepared daily by my mother. Meals sufficient for twelve mouths with occasional leftovers. As soon as […]

Fall Produce: Your Options For Eating Seasonally

As we move into the fall months, our produce availability shifts, saying goodbye to the sweet berries of summer and hello to the crisp citrus and apples of Fall. Each season offers an array of beautiful fresh produce and it is a great time to start experimenting with new recipes to incorporate more seasonal fruits and vegetables. […]

The Art of Farming: Art on a Larger Palette

Join us for an elegant and unique viewing of our open studio. This fall we are celebrating all things local and we’re kicking off the harvest season with a showcase of what we’ve been creating this year — from food to fiber. Spend an evening walking through our curated gallery and workspace while enjoying refreshments […]