My boys and I brought in the incubator and filled it with 20 random eggs from our chickens. By the second week in March I should be seeing some hatching.

Hatching eggs always reminds me of the story a few years back during one of our open houses. The farm is open to tours and folks are welcome to walk around on their own as well. On this particular day, I was in the kitchen at the grill and a woman came in with a frantic look on her face and demanded that I come with her as there was a situation outside that was of concern. Thinking that the cows were out, I quickly removed my apron and followed her out to the garden where she proceeded to part open a clump of grass. She stated “I found this loose egg” Not really sure what to make of her concern, I offered it to her to bring home. “Oh, I couldn’t do that, I wouldn’t know what to do with it.” I believe she felt it was going to hatch, and just like the Dr. Seuss story where the chicken walks around aimlessly wondering who his mother is, that she too would end up with a similar situation. So, I thanked her for finding the loose egg and carefully brought it inside.
Situations like this further reinforce in my mind the importance of having the farm available for people to visit.

Back to my day off, I spent some time dyeing with my friend Robin Rocket on Monday. I had her use a minimum of five colors on the skeins after being inspired by some yarn I am weaving throws with. They came out beautifully.  Weaving projects were completed, milk was pasteurized for cottage cheese tomorrow and grow lights were prepped for the greenhouse.

Have a Great Week