With warmer weather in the forecast, finally, it is officially time to start the annual biodynamic process of prepping the fields and gardens for planting.

We use The Josephine Porter Institute For Applied Bio-Dynamics for our applied biodynamics and they provide in-depth research.

As we all begin our summer ritual of….. lawn care, we ask that you take a moment to read the following article regarding “weed” control.

Celebrating the Dandelion (Taraxacum officinal)

Over the past decade, more and more eco-friendly organizations and individuals have designated a special day in spring to celebrate the dandelion (and discourage the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides). To support this effort to raise awareness, we begin this issue with two insightful quotes.

“Millions of dollars are spent every year to eradicate essentially one weed. The lowly dandelion. Let’s think this over for a minute. There are an ever increasing number of cases of hypoglycemia and diabetes in this country. Dandelion is one of the best herbs to use for healing these afflictions. Its leaves are incredibly nutritious, the root is not only a powerful medicine, but roasted it is also an excellent coffee substitute. Its flowers can be made into a delicious wine and they are also a favorite flower of bees. It builds soil and I have yet to meet a child who hasn’t found joy in blowing its seeds into the wind. It is what I consider a workhorse of the plant kingdom. In addition to all of this, it was recommended by Rudolf Steiner for use as one of the six biodynamic compost preparations. What more could we ask of a plant.”

From “Society Needs to Reconsider the Dandelion,” by Chris Korrow in Applied Biodynamics, Issue #32 Spring 2001.