My Day Off JanuaryMy day off was extended this winter for an entire month. Taking the opportunity to sort through lots of things on the farm and store as well as an opportunity to reflect and plan for this upcoming season.

This will be a year of organization and bringing everything together. The list is pretty long, but I think we can do it; we being Gregg and I. Keep in mind that Gregg usually isn’t made privy to my list until I feel it necessary; typically when the carpenter shows up.

I learned the art and benefits of writing lists from a non-traditional student in college. She was a single mom; commuting to and from college every day and her notebook was huge. Everything from homework due, to kids schedules and appointments, to doing groceries and what she needed to pick up.
The benefits are great and I encourage all to incorporate a notebook specific not only to daily tasks, but week long, yearly and a five year plan. As much as my children have made fun of my notebook and, according to them, the never ending list of daily tasks, my three oldest daughters have carried on my footsteps to include their own notebooks at their homes and offices. Each realizing its importance.

Lists help keep you focused, gives one a sense of accomplishment when tasks are completed with the pleasure of crossing it out, relieves stress and anxiety by setting deadlines and in my mind helps to calm the mind.
As a business owner, my infamous notebook assures staff that even when I am not in the area, they have something to go to for direction.

Here’s my year long notebook list for the upcoming season:
-create a dye house and wool washing space
-apply for a grant specific to onsite slaughter/butcher shop
-rebuild the old part of the farmhouse
-secure floor on the second floor of the dairy barn to house angora goats and lambs
-build a Tee-Pee down by the river
-begin the process of a farm story/cook book
-complete my ayurveda correspondence course
-Move the bees to a more quiet location on the edge of our fields
-develop a honey processing/apiary location on the farm

These are top items in my long term notebook with smaller projects too numerous to mention in my weekly notebook.

Interested in trying it out?
Step 1–get yourself a notebook and find a place on one of the counters in your house that will get visited frequently. Sit with family/household members participating and go over the process. Eventually encouraging all adults participating to have their own notebook.
Step 2–have pen handy and start writing things down that need to be done for that day and or week with specific names to the task; everyone reports to the notebook; no excuse of “I forgot what i was supposed to do” This happened a lot.
Kids will hate it at first, but doing something like this will actually make them better students and will allow them to stay focused and on task.
This concept is also great for young adults sharing apartments and or dorm rooms.
As much as I encourage this concept and for all to incorporate it in their lives, a support group may also need to be formed for those dealing with non-believers. If this is the case, I am available for consultation. I have been told, by children’s names I will not mention, that I have the gift of offering a simple look that can scare anyone into changing their minds; A gift of mine.

Good Luck