This day off was suggested by my husband Gregg after I asked him to join me on a walk about through my gardens last evening while gathering food for our dinner;  cabbage, greens, apples, onions, peppers, zucchini and nettles for salad and tea.

He had not had the opportunity to walk through the garden and further more had not seen the changes that were taking place on the west side of the greenhouse that abuts the vineyard.  Its summer inhabitants include a small flock of Jacob sheep who arrived a month ago and have mastered their task of keeping grass and weeds down around the grape vines and trees; further enhancing the beauty of the space.

My day off is always spent incorporating these walk abouts;  trying to get to all of those corners in the gardens, barns, and woods, that need looking in on.   These walks determine what my day is going to look like in terms of projects.  Pastures needing to be managed, crops to harvest, preserving food with vegetables that can’t wait another two days before processing, etc… essence, I would say that the farm is actually in control of me this time of year; determining whether or not I can actually have a “day off” or not.

So for now, enjoy this short film of my back garden walk about.  If you are fortunate to live close by, I encourage you to come do your own walk through the gardens, if not, let this be your day off visit to the farm garden.