Nezinscot’s focus is to provide all who visit with the opportunity to learn about sustainable living and the incorporation of homesteading into everyday life. But, more importantly, we seek to educate about embracing and cultivating a lifestyle with purpose.

Having lived the past 28 years as a farmer/business, owner/laborer at Nezinscot, I no longer believe that there is a magical number that one must acquire in order to be happy and able to have what society deems necessary for a successful life.

How do we demonstrate the importance of acquiring skills to take care of ourselves and in doing so present the life as a farmer/business, owner/ laborer in the ag-field as a valid career option?

Nezinsot offers a hands-on approach to the idea of sustainability by offering all attending the opportunity to learn food preservation, baking skills, organic and biodynamic gardening, beekeeping, incorporating small animals into your life, fiber arts and creating herbal medicines; all while being taught the importance of mindfulness and the idea of living with a purpose.

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Gloria Varney on FarmHer