This weeks weather forced me inside once again in between barn and animal care. With the boys on school break, I employed Everet’s assistance in warping the cherry loom. He doesn’t know it yet, but his assisting with the countless yards of wool thread that will soon be blankets and throws will teach him more than just counting the numbers of turns I make with the beam and handing over a pin to secure each section. I reminded him that quality time with his mother doesn’t always have to mean going somewhere to do something; sometimes being quiet together is just as beneficial.

Garden planning was on my agenda–allowing me the opportunity to stay optimistic of spring being just around the corner. My garden center greenhouse still has remnants of rosemary growing and the smell of rosemary helps to clear the mind.

This weeks herbal learning path talks of body doshas–understanding our doshas helps us understand why we react, crave and or are more prone to specific conditions. By understanding them, we can, on many levels, prevent illnesses and or inflammation in our bodies.

Gregg and I continue to go to yoga weekly with instructor Chris Harris in Norway. Yoga compliments the lifestyle and herbal learning that I have been studying and living.

Until next week–keep food and farming in your minds and life where applicable.