Our Events

We host an array of events throughout the year; from weekend workshops, day classes, and private lessons to annual retreats, business, and corporate functions, and private farm-to-table dinners.

Check out what we have to offer in the upcoming year. Please note that events are subject to change. Call the store or email before making travel arrangements.

Upcoming Events

Thank you for choosing to shop for locally produced foods and goods, it means a lot to us. Your support, be it financial, social, or emotional, demonstrates a need to maintain shared community and agricultural spaces for the sustained health and wellness of our whole selves, our friends, and our neighbors. Please note that most of our events are free to attend. Events that require registration will be tagged with links. Follow our Eventbrite profile for events that require registration.

June 11

Nezinscot Farm

Summer Wellness : Herbalism through the Seasons

Summer is almost here! With the beauty and heat of the Summer come many gifts from Mother Nature.  They can help us quench our thirst, ease our stressful days and heal our wounds--common problems we might experience in the summer!  Join Herbalist Ana Solis for a sunny afternoon to learn about common medicinal plants you can find during the summer months.  We will discuss how to identify them, their herbal actions and how to transform them into fun medicinal concoctions! 

July 1 - October 10

Nezinscot Fiber Studio

Maine Yarn Cruise 2022

The 2022 Maine Yarn Cruise is just around the corner, so start warming up your needles and hooks! With over 1,500 Cruisers and 19 participating shops from all over the state, 2021 Maine Yarn Cruise had us all saying WOW! We hope to end the 2022 Maine Yarn Cruise with similar gusto and can’t wait to get started.