I realized after this weeks two day off series that I have a problem, or perhaps a condition. I love getting things done, actually seeing how many things I can get done in a day. I think my kids will agree with me on this and a few of them actually suggested I could benefit from being in a support group. I am not sure one exists. However, busy hands make for a happy heart.

My list this week included the following:

-I totally excavated (that means clean out) my milk house in preparation for milking goats; who by the way are all due to kid starting next week.
-the garden center greenhouse is prepped and ready to start seedlings next week–will probably do some herb pots, cucumbers, zucchini and lettuce to start
-Organized the garden shed area in the grain store
-Put together two more bee hives in preparation for spring
-Fed the bees more honey water
-Spring pruning preparation with the help of Jessie Stevens

I have to say, however, that one of the best parts of my day off was getting a visit from my 90 year old Dad. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, everything comes to a halt and we just sit on the porch and enjoy the spring weather, sunshine and warmth while waiting for my boys to get home from school.
Our conversations go from stories of his child hood, to his neighbors, to the farm, back to life lessons, and on. My Dad loves to laugh which is always so pleasurable. He didn’t laugh much when Roy announced to him that his Mom (I) said that Pepe would be the passenger in the car so that he could get his hours for drivers ed. My father can’t see very well, so I figured what he can’t see won’t hurt him; again he didn’t find it too funny. Not to worry, Roy said he would gladly drive Pepe anywhere he wanted to go when they took his license away–I am not sure if that brought comfort or more fear to my Dad.

Spring is here, so get out and soak up that sun.

Have a Great Week