Earth Day at the farm marks the week for farm clean up and spring cleaning outside. Some time was spent removing the winter insulation and clearing debris off and away from the bee hives.

During the last wind storm the plastic on one of my greenhouse ripped off in one solid piece; leaving me with a perfect size piece to cover two beds in my second greenhouse in preparation for planting in a few weeks. Love it when recycling comes together.

Earth Day for me is a reminder to reflect on the importance of our space. The dirt under our feet as well as the dirt we put our hands in to make things grow. Spend some time tomorrow clearing the ditches, planning a garden project, starting some seeds for later planting, planting a tree or two; perhaps even just taking a walk in the woods.

For those of you less fortunate of not having access to green space outside your front door, find a park to sit in and meditate on the health of the plants and trees that are there.