Fiber Studio

This past Sunday marked three weeks since I have come to live as an intern at Nezinscot farm. While I am over 1200 miles from my family and friends I somehow feel as if I’ve finally made it to my real home. What is unusual about this place, unlike any others that I have visited is the sense of family, and the way in which they weave you into their lives as if you were always a part of the unified structure that forms this magic place. This concept is part of what inspired a special undertaking of mine that I would like to share with you today.

    I came to Nezinscot in search of the world of fiber arts; weaving, knitting, spinning, etc. It has been a passion of mine since before I can remember and what better place is there to learn than this. However, since my time has begun here at the farm I have developed a new interest in medicinal herbs and the power of plants. This new curiosity, lead me to an article that provided the inspiration for my project. It read…


“The art of weaving is a profound metaphor for understanding the workings of the universe and our place in it. Through the physical process of weaving, we gain a better understanding of this world and how we as human beings are woven into it…It is the essential art of creating the unified one out of two opposites.”


    I instinctively told Gloria about my findings and being the women that she is, she pushed me to create the image I saw. With a little help from a fellow intern, a couple passing strangers, my fiber arts mentor, and the encouragement of many others, I created something that I had only dreamed of. I have no words for it. Is it a place to sit? Is it a loom or just a temporary piece of artwork? Nameless as it may be, it sends a message…. To all those who encounter this structure be mindful of your integral place in this world. We come together as pieces to a whole creating the unified masterpiece that is our world.


The weaving will be permanently located at the entrance to the medicine garden. Please enjoy my gift to the farm.



The Weaver’s Apprentice: Sarah Ryan