The fall harvest is slowly winding down, root crops have been stored, pumpkins are picked, and the weeds have finally stopped growing. While sharing space in the greenhouse with our swarms of bees, I worked on gathering some last minute food at the end of the season: tea herbs for me, honey ingredients for them.

Today we collected holy basil, rose, calendula, lavender, and rosemary. Interested in seeing how we use these herbs? Check out our herbal section and come in and sample our products. 


Rosemary: Properties for lowering blood pressure, antidepressant, a tonic for the nervous system, helps clear the mind and improves memory to name a few.  We offer rosemary as an infused oil, dried for tea and as a tincture in store.

Holy Basil: We offer this herb in three forms at the farm.  As an infused oil, dried for infused teas, and tincture form.  Holy Basil is great for the central nervous system and is go-to for those suffering from any form of depression, for clearing the mind and for bringing blood flow to the brain.

Calendula: Primarily used in skin care products, for infused oil and/or salves. However, at the farm, we also dry the flowers and offer them in a tea.

Rose: We like to offer dried rose petals in tea as it helps to uplift one’s spirit,  eases anxiety and tension as well as an antidepressant.  Besides dried rose petals for tea, we also offer it as an infused oil which we use in our lotions.

Herbal Smudges: Lemon balm, lavender, and sage—The combination of these three herbs bring clarity, calmness, and cleansing to an area.  I suggest a weekly smudge of all households and daily of oneself.  We also offer these three as individuals for tea, as infused oils and for culinary purposes.