2017 has come and gone, and with that, some of the items on the wish list will carry through to 2018 as we work to complete another full list of things to do and accomplish in the upcoming year.
Gregg and I, are now new owners of a  “Forever Farm” through Maine Farmland Trust. In 2018 we will be working on repairing and restoring some of the buildings of the former dairy, which was once owned by one of Gregg’s uncles.  The farm will first be home to my growing flock of sheep and fiber animals and later joined by bull calves, turkeys and a small herd of beef cattle.
The life of wool continues to be a priority for spring projects along with early garden planting in the greenhouses, moving a 40 x 100 hoop house structure from point A to point B (keep your eyes open for that).  Gregg and I are known for doing what most find to be the impossible.  Commuters will drive by the farm on their way to work in the morning and return home seeing a totally different structure or landscape as if it has always been there.  Many will stop and ask “how long has that been there?” The large structure is currently being used as hay storage and will be replacing one of our smaller calf house structures so that it can not only serve as a new home for calves but also space where we can bring soon to be moms into their own birthing space; especially in the winter time.

We’ve amped up our coffee menu and are now offering espresso beverages for all the caffeine lovers out there. Looking for something else? Check out our new Chai Tea Latte or Golden Turmeric Latte!

Coffee House Open at 6 a.m. FULL MENU

We’ve created several new and delicious dishes for our cafe menu. Saucy eggs and breakfast hash to name a few. Check out the updated menu on our website.


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