Every year we host an Open House over the Earth Day weekend with the goal creating community engagement and promoting the importance of shopping locally for sustainability! #GoGreen!
Handmade Dress
The Earth Day Open House weekend could not have been more perfect, and I’d like to extend a warm thank you to all who showed support for both days. The art show, a first in its extensive display of products from art apprentices and guild members had eyes wide open to endless opportunities in the world of fiber arts. I spoke briefly to a group of listeners about the “Art of Farming”, recapping on the importance of not only knowing where our food comes from but also the fiber and other ingredients needed for our clothing and being able to see farming through a different lens. Both being just as important in creating a more sustainable community while encouraging farming as a viable lifestyle choice.
The Open House serves as a perfect venue for students as they recap their stay, what they learned and to show off their three months worth of work.  The highlight of this year was the making of a dress for one a four-year-old young lady who frequents the store with her parents.  An interview was had in the beginning to discuss her likes in color, animals, and activities.  She was then measured for sizing and from there, directions were given to the two students to create a dress and matching purse that would be showcased and given to Samara during the art show.  Handemade Dress
Wool felt, made at a small mill in Ohio with fiber from our own sheep, was the main material used with a cotton flower print liner.  The dress was adorned with hand embroidered and needle felted vines, flowers, and a deer.
As for Earth Day, it too offered an opportunity for many to view the process of honey harvesting while also being able to discuss some of the current issues at hand around bee-keeping and how our choices in food consumption play a vital role in the continued existence of not only honey bees, but other pollinators.

As a business, Nezinscot’s focus has always been to provide all who visit with the opportunity to learn about sustainable living and the incorporation of homesteading into everyday life. But, more importantly, we seek to educate about embracing and cultivating a lifestyle with purpose. We hope to continue this for many years to come by providing a space to learn for interns, local community members and seekers of a purposeful life

Happy Earth Day!

Gloria Varney

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