With January and February behind me and spring just around the corner, I find myself thinking about where I am going. Where am I going with my life, the farm, my business?  

My mission statement talks of the farm and what it has to offer; not only for myself and my family but more importantly those of you visiting. As I revisit that mission statement, I realized that much of my energy has been spent figuring out how to get my products to places away from the farm rather than concentrating on how to get more people to the farm; making that connection of knowing where your food comes from.

My day is filled to the max like so many of you.  With daily tasks and disruptions of life, the farm and mother nature, that I can not control.  Days like this have helped remind me lately of what my purpose is, how I want to best make an impact on those around me, and how to spend more time supporting those of you taking time out of your busy day to support our farm.  

Farming for a stronger more sustainable future

We all need to think about what we want our food source to look like?  Is it nutrient-dense?  Will it sustain the next generation?  Who and where are our farmers?  How can we build stronger communities to sustain ourselves in a healthy manner?

Nezinscot Farm Summer Gardens

For myself, it’s continuing on the path of creating good food, a healthy environment for all to come to, sharing knowledge and abundance with those in need, and leading a life of contentment. 

Aside from the historic value that farms have of providing food, I believe that the idea of the “Farm” alone has a way of creating peace, positive memories, feelings of joy, and security while building gratitude amongst people.   With the current life situation that we are all in, the “Farm” alone as a physical unit has a way of embedding security in our lives; even if all you do is drive by it every day. a

A story and memory for Jeff:

I was at the dentist this week getting a tooth worked on.  My dentist is Italian, comes from a farming background, and is always eager to talk about memories of growing up on the farm.  Unfortunately, he is always talking while my mouth is jammed open, I can’t swallow, never mind being able to engage in conversation; all while a drill is vibrating in my mouth.   It wasn’t until he asked his assistant for a tool called the “Excavator” that I realized that this wasn’t about me, but rather the importance of people sharing stories and memories that help them get through each day.  I will admit, I was a bit concerned when he asked for it, as I know what an excavator is used for on the farm.  I am also, almost positive, that he named the tool the excavator rather than it being a name given by the dental association and that for him, a daily reminder of the farm and great memories. He talks of looking for a farm/land to call his own that he may recreate and create some of his own memories for the next generations to come. 

Spring is my inspiration

Gardens at Nezinscot

This inspired me to look at how we at Nezinscot and the North Farm can be instrumental in continuing to help those around us. Perhaps opening the doors and or a  garden spot to those like Jeff who need the “Farm” as a way to decompress the stressors of everyday life.   

Stay tuned as we begin that journey in April for our first annual Earth Day event at the North Farm. Planning gardens, farm explorations, and appreciating the life of bees while building a community space for all to come and explore whenever they need it.  

Until next time, with gratitude for the experiences that are given me each day.