A big thank you goes out today. Not only to the folks at the James Beard Foundation for our selection as one of the six American Classic Award winners, but to our community, our loyal customers, families of all ages, and the curious first-timers who have found us. Thank you for your continued support and for helping to spread the word about our existence. 

A very special thank you to my staff over the past year for being the faces behind it all.  Making people feel welcome, putting love in the food and atmosphere to all who visit, and being open to all the changes that come on a daily basis when working in such a diverse setting on our working family farm.

We could not have been noticed and or received such an honor without all of you being mindful of all of it.  

The creation of the farm store, and cafe, for me, is probably the best way to educate and expose people to not only farm life, but more importantly, the importance of knowing where your food comes from.   

For me, this award signifies to the country and Maine a reminder of the importance of the role that farms play in food security and local economies.  Supporting a local/regional food system amplifies the benefits to local communities and businesses around the country while helping to secure a way of life struggling to compete against industrial models.  I hope this award allows for the momentum in this direction to continue for all participating in the creation and consumption of food.

I recently sent a young man off for the day by telling him to be good and do good.I think that is also a good way to end this month’s blog.