Garlic – Winter Storage, Planting and Recipes

Garlic is the most perfect ingredient and a must-have staple in your winter pantry. Read on to learn how to plant, store, cook with and make medicine with Garlic!

Planting Garlic

One head of garlic weighs a little under a 1/4lb and will yield 8-10 heads next summer when planted in October.  Plan ahead for your planting needs or reach out to us with questions!

Garlic Electuary

Fill the desired size jar with freshly chopped garlic, top off with local honey to the rim. Stir well, cover and store in a cool dark cupboard for a minimum of 6 weeks. Take a spoon a day as preventative, more as needed when colds or upper respiratory ailments set in. On a culinary note, this electuary is also divine served over roasted chicken.

Garlic Fire Cider

Gather up your horseradish, garlic, cider vinegar, some cayenne pepper, freshly grated ginger and let it all brew in a jar in your refrigerator.  In eight weeks, strain and save the liquid; again for upper respiratory and immune booster.  On a culinary note, fire cider can also be blended with some olive oil and tossed on your favorite salad.

Garlic Pasta

This is my favorite dish and a staple at our annual Garlic Festival! Coarsely chop up 6 heads of garlic and one red onion. Saute in plenty of olive oil until both onion and garlic are translucent. Serve over your favorite pasta and top with feta from the farm, of course, pine nuts, tomatoes, and fresh basil.

Garlic Tincture

Fill a jar of the desired size with freshly peeled and coarsely chopped garlic, cover with brandy or vodka and let sit for 8 weeks in a cool dark cupboard. Strain and bottle. A dropper a day for adults will help keep the doctors away. Go with the electuary for the children option of medicine.