Food Menu

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Drink Menu

Stop in for a freshly made beverage!

**Organic Farm Milk, Almond & Soy Milk Available ***

Coffee – Espresso – tea

Black Coffee

Takeout $2.50 (12oz) or $3 (160z)

Eat-In $3

Iced Coffee

$3 (160z)


Double Shot


Cafe Americano

$3 (8oz)

Cafe Mocha

$4.25 (12oz)

Cafe Latte

$4 (12oz)


$3.75 (8oz)

House Cocoa

$4.25 (12oz)


$3 (8oz)

House Seasonal Latte

$4.50 (12oz)

Golden Turmeric Latte

Coffee, steamed milk, turmeric, coconut oil, a dash of black pepper, maple syrup.

$4.50 (12oz)

Nezinscot Fogg Latte

Earl Grey tea, rosemary and lavender syrup, vanilla syrup, steamed milk

$4.25 (12oz)

Chai Tea Latte

Brewed black tea, chai spice blend, steamed milk.

$4.25 (12oz)


Choose from a variety of bagged and loose blends


Tea Pot

Choose from a variety of bagged and loose blends.

$4 (small) $6 (large)