Our Internship

Nezinscot Farm hosts interns in all seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  If you are interested in spending a summer, semester or year at Nezinscot Farm learning how to farm and live organically, please fill out an Application and direct any questions to Gloria.

Nezinscot Farm has been offering internships since we began. Interns live and work on the farm, experiencing many facets of life and work on our diverse organic operation. From gardening, cheese making, animal care, food processing and so much more.

Details: Interns will work along with us 5 – 6 days a week for 40 + hours a week with a full day off every week. Daily tasks are diverse – weeding, harvesting, washing, landscaping, planting, chicken duty, milking, and cheese making are just a few examples of tasks to be accomplished on the farm.

Skills Desired: We’re happy to teach new and aspiring young adults what we know; a willingness to learn, patience, ability to work as a team, self-motivated and positive attitude.

Duration: Seasonal and Year long opportunities, negotiable– Full details below

Internship Focus Areas


Duties include milking and tending to the needs of the goat herd, feeding, healthcare, managing production, and learning/making cheese on a daily/weekly basis. This individual must have a passion for the art of cheese making. You will learn every step of the process including the recipes and techniques for making some of the most popular cheese varieties out there.


Assistant to vegetable production in our gardens and greenhouse- this involves preparing soil, planting, weeding, managing, harvesting, drying, preserving and canning. Must have a passion for working with food from start to finish. This individual will get hands on experience working a biodynamic garden with a variety of veggies, fruits, medicinal and culinary herbs.


This individual will be in charge of the sheep, llamas, and angora goats and rabbits. Managing their health, grooming and shearing. They will also be fully involved in all fiber products production including dyeing, carding, weaving, felting, rug hooking, needle felting etc. The duration of the program is end of June to beginning of November.

Interns at the Farm

We have furnished apartments, intern only bathroom/shower room, laundry facilities, free Wi-Fi and great company. Don’t forget the food!

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